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Creede Mountain Run
P.O. Box 580
Creede, CO 81130

(719) 658-2374



The Race Is On!

The Creede Mountain Run, established in 1987, celebrates the end of summer in our small historic mountain town. This event offers participants the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking San Juan Mountains in Colorado on a 2, 12, or 22 mile course!

2, 12 and 22 Mile Race
AUGUST 31, 2019
9:00 am

22 Mile Race features a challenging climb
from 8850’ to 12,500’

The race begins within the town of Creede, leading racers along Main Street early in the morning, as sleepy stores open and coffee-shop patrons step onto the street to cheer racers on. The course follows Willow Creek out of town and up towards the Black Pitch. The two-milers turn back for their second mile, while the 12 and 22-mile runners continue along a steep incline up the Pitch, testing their endurance for quick altitude gain while piquing their interest with old mines hanging precariously from vertical cliffs.....


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