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The Course

The 50k - 22 Mile - 12 Mile - 2 Mile races begin together within the city of Creede, an historic mining community in the San Juan mountains at an elevation of 8850 feet. From Creede, the racers head north up Willow Creek Canyon for one of the toughest and scenic “up and over” races Colorado has to offer.

For the 2 milers, a gentle climb of 100 ft in the first mile leads to the turnaround where racers turn back and follow their tracks to the start/finish line.

The 12 and 22 milers continue up West Willow Canyon, facing a steep climb and passing historic mining sites in the rugged landscape. Racers have come to know a few of the tougher sections as “the Pitch” and “Heartbreak Hill,” both within the first 3 ½ miles.

The ascent continues a bit more gently to “Allen’s Crossing” where the 5 mile mark has an elevation of 10,500 feet. 12 mile racers continue on rolling terrain to the old Bachelor Townsite, elevation 10,700, followed by the brisk 4 ½ mile descent back into Creede on a well graded dirt road.

22 milers should be just getting warmed up at “Allen’s Crossing” with the real climbing still ahead. The next 5 ½ miles run on jeep roads through the Equity Mine site and a section known as “The Ladders,” a series of chin scraping hills which top out at 12,500 feet.

This is the continental divide, and runners should be prepared for anything Colorado mountain weather can dish out. Heat, lightning, rain, hail, snow, and wildlife might visit the course on race day. At least six miles of this section are exposed to the elements with nowhere to hide, so be ready!

After topping out, runners will enjoy the 2 ½ mile descent through the “Neverending Valley” followed by one last incline up from "Rat Creek," a late sting in the tail. At 18 ½ miles the 22 milers reconnect with the 12 mile course and can savor the last few miles as they descend upon Creede.

Come test yourself and have fun in a challenge that the city of Creede has been proudly hosting for 30+ years!


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